Bohemian San Francisco

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While describing his dining experiences throughout “Bohemian San Francisco,” Clarence Edwords paints an historic panorama of California cuisine with all its cosmopolitan influences. Best of all, he offers tantalizing recipes culled from conversations with the master chefs of 1914 in “The City by the Bay.”

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Bohemian San Francisco

Its Restaurants and Their Most Famous Recipes The Elegant Art of Dining

By Clarence E. Edwords


Dedication To Whom Shall I Dedicate This Book? To Some Good Friend? To Some Pleasant Companion? To None of These, For From Them Came Not The Inspiration. To Whom, Then? To The Best Of All Bohemian Comrades, My Wife.


No apologies are offered for this book. In fact, we rather like it. Many years have been spent in gathering this information, and naught is written in malice, nor through favoritism, our expressions of opinion being unbiased by favor or compensation. We have made our own investigation and given our own ideas.

That our opinion does not coincide with that of others does not concern us in the least, for we are pleased only with that which pleases us, and not that with which others say we ought to be pleased.

If this sound egotistical we are sorry, for it is not meant in that way. We believe that each and every individual should judge for him or herself, considering ourselves fortunate that our ideas and tastes are held in common...

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