Spirits of the Dead –by: Edgar Allan Poe

Book name:Spirits of the Dead –by: Edgar Allan Poe
Book license:public domain
Author:Edgar Allan Poe
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Librivox volunteers bring you seven readings of Spirits of the Dead by Edgar Allen Poe. This was the weekly poetry project for October 19, 2014.

First Page:



The Raven Edition


Philosophy of Furniture A Tale of Jerusalem The Sphinx Hop Frog The Man of the Crowd Never Bet the Devill Your Head Thou Art the Man Why the Little Frenchman Wears his Hand in a Sling Bon Bon Some words with a Mummy The Poetic Principle Old English Poetry


Dedication Preface

Poems of Later Life

The Raven The Bells Ulalume To Helen Annabel Lee A Valentine An Enigma To my Mother For Annie To F To Frances S. Osgood Eldorado Eulalie A Dream within a Dream To Marie Louise (Shew) To the Same The City in the Sea The Sleeper Bridal Ballad Notes

Poems of Manhood

Lenore To One in Paradise The Coliseum The Haunted Palace The Conqueror Worm Silence Dreamland Hymn To Zante Scenes from "Politian" Note

Poems of Youth

Introduction (1831) Sonnet To Science Al Aaraaf Tamerlane To Helen The Valley of Unrest Israfel To ("The Bowers Whereat, in Dreams I See") To ("I Heed not That my Earthly Lot") To the River Song A Dream Romance Fairyland The Lake To "The Happiest Day" Imitation Hymn...

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