Sword Blades and Poppy Seed –by: Amy Lowell

Book name:Sword Blades and Poppy Seed –by: Amy Lowell
Book license:public domain
Author:Amy Lowell
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This is a volume of poems by Amy Lowell, published in 1914. "Against the multitudinous array of daily verse our times produce this volume utters itself with a range and brilliancy wholly remarkable. I cannot see that Miss Lowell's use of unrhymed 'vers libre' has been surpassed in English. Read 'The Captured Goddess', 'Music', and 'The Precinct. Rochester', a piece of mastercraft in this kind. A wealth of subtleties and sympathies, gorgeously wrought, full of macabre effects (as many of the poems are) and brilliantly worked out. The things of splendor she has made she will hardly outdo in their kind." (Josephine Preston Peabody, 'The Boston Herald', 1916)

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