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Joyce Morrell s Harvest The Annals of Selwick Hall

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Joyce Morrell's Harvest, by Emily Sarah Holt.

This book is one of a series involving the same late sixteenth century family. Its predecessor is "Lettice Eden", and its successor is "It might have been." Readers may find a little difficulty with the language, for it is written in Elizabethan English, though that won't bother you if you are familiar with the plays of Shakespeare.

Three young teenage girls, and their aunt Joyce are chatting together one evening, when one of the girls su...

In Convent Walls The Story of the Despensers

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In Convent Walls, by Emily Sarah Holt.


The historical portion of this tale has been partially narrated in one of my previous volumes, "In All Time of our Tribulation," in which the Despenser story is begun, and its end told from another point of view. That volume left Isabelle of France at the height of her ambition, in the place to reach which she had been plotting so long and so unscrupulously. Here we see the Nemesis come upon her and the chief partner of her guilt; the proof that there is a God that judgeth in the earth. It is surely one ...

Kuvauksia metselmst sivistyksen rimmisell rajalla eli Natty Bumpon elmnvaiheet

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Eli Natty Bumpon el"am"anvaiheet



Ruotsin kielest"a suomentanut K. E. S.

G. W. Edlund, Helsinki, 1879.


Ensimm"ainen Luku. Hirventappajan muotokuva. Ensimm"ainen sotaj"alki. Taistelu j"arven rannalla. Toinen Luku. Chingachgook ja Hirventappaja. Wah ta Wah'in vapauttaminen. Kolmas Luku. Hirventappaja joutuu vankeuteen. Nelj"as Luku. Hirventappaja pakenee. H"ant"a ajetaan takaa. H"an otetaan j"alleen kiinni. Viides Luku. Hir...

Roos van Dekama –by: Jacob van Lennep

Verhaal over de zeden en gewoonten in de middeleeuwen verteld aan de hand van de vrijheidsstrijd van de Friezen tegen de Hollanders in 1341. Maar het is meer dan alleen maar een spannende ridderroman: Wie op de fantastische schildering van exceptioneele personen belust is, zooals de hedendaagsche literatuur onzer naburen die meestal aanbiedt, zal zich bedrogen vinden: hij zal hier slechts menschen aantreffen, zooals zij nog heden ten dage zijn, met hun goede en slechte hoedanigheden, met hun driften en hartstochten,--maar gewijzigd naar de denkbeelden, zeden en gebruiken van den tijd. Maar ...

Reign of King Edward the Third –by: William Shakespeare

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King Edward the Third

The Reign of King Edward the Third, attributed in part to William Shakespeare.


EDWARD THE THIRD, King of England. EDWARD, Prince of Wales, his Son. Earl of WARWICK. Earl of DERBY. Earl of SALISBURY. Lord AUDLEY. Lord PERCY. LODOWICK, Edward's Confident. Sir WILLIAM MOUNTAGUE. Sir JOHN COPLAND. Two ESQUIRES, and a HERALD, English. ROBERT, styling himself Earl, of Artois. Earl of MONTFORT, and GOBIN DE GREY. JOHN, King of France. CHARLES, and PHILIP, his Sons. Duke of LORRAIN. VILLIERS, a French Lo...

The Cloister and the Hearth

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by Charles Reade

Etext Notes:

1. Greek passages are enclosed in angled brackets, e.g. {methua}, and have been transliterated according to:alpha A, a beta B, b gamma G, g delta D, d epsilon E, e zeta Z, z eta Y, y theta Th, th iota I, i kappa K, k lamda L, l mu M, m nu N, n omicron O, o pi P, p rho R, r sigma S, s tau T, t phi Ph, ph chi Ch, ch psi Ps, ps xi X,...

Child of Storm

First Page:



Transcriber's Note:

Where italics are used to indicate non English words, I have silently omitted them or replaced them with quotation marks.

Haggard's spelling, especially of Zulu terms, is wildly inconsistent; likewise his capitalization, especially of Zulu terms. For example, Masapo is the chief of the Amansomi until chapter IX; thereafter his tribe is consistently referred to as the "Amasomi". In general, I have retained Haggard's spellings.


Dear Mr. Stuart,

For twenty years, I believe I am right in sayi...

Ottawa Folk Festival Robert Service Collection –by: Robert W. Service

The Spell of the Yukon by Robert Service with patrons, musicians and organizers. Robert Service is an iconic Canadian poet.

First Page:


by Robert W. Service

[British born Canadian Poet 1874 1958.]

[This text was also published (in Britain) under the title, "Songs of a Sourdough".]

[This etext was pretty much matches the American editions of 1907 and 1916.]

[Note on text: Italicized stanzas will be indented 5 spaces. Italicized AND indented stanzas will be indented 10 spaces. Italicized words or phrases will be cap...

The Golden Lion of Granpere –by: Anthony Trollope

Time to do a short Continental trip with Trollope and see if we agree with Walpole. "...not only Trollope's very best shorter book, but one of the most charming idylls in English literature. - . . It has all the colour and richness and cohesion of something done irresistibly." -Walpole .

The storyline is simple - boy meets girl - parents object - trials and tribulations follow - and then the story reaches it's conclusion - but you will need to find what that is for yourself !

First Page:

E text prepared by Les Bowler, St. Ives, Dorset


The History of the Life of the Late Mr. Jonathan Wild the Great –by: Henry Fielding

This novel is sometimes thought of as [Fielding's] first because he almost certainly began composing it before he wrote Shamela and Joseph Andrews. It is a satire of Walpole that draws a parallel between Walpole and Jonathan Wild, the infamous gang leader and highwayman. He implicitly compares the Whig party in Parliament with a gang of thieves being run by Walpole, whose constant desire to be a “Great Man” (a common epithet for Walpole) should culminate only in the antithesis of greatness: being hanged.

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