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Three at Table The Lady of the Barge and Others, Part 12.

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By W. W. Jacobs


The talk in the coffee room had been of ghosts and apparitions, and nearly everybody present had contributed his mite to the stock of information upon a hazy and somewhat thread bare subject. Opinions ranged from rank incredulity to childlike faith, one believer going so far as to denounce unbelief as impious, with a reference to the Witch of Endor, which was somewhat marred by being complicated in an inexplicable fashion with the story of Jonah.

"Talking of Jonah," he said solemnly, wi...

Paying Off Deep Waters, Part 2.

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My biggest fault, said the night watchman, gloomily, has been good nature. I've spent the best part of my life trying to do my fellow creeturs a good turn. And what do I get for it? If all the people I've helped was to come 'ere now there wouldn't be standing room for them on this wharf. 'Arf of them would be pushed overboard and a good place for 'em, too.

I've been like it all my life. I was good natured enough to go to sea as a boy because a skipper took a fancy to me and wanted my 'elp, and when I go...

Susan Clegg and a Man in the House

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[Illustration: "'He is a trouble, Mrs. Lathrop.'" FRONTISPIECE( See page 21. )]

Susan Clegg And a Man in the House


Author of "Susan Clegg and her Friend Mrs. Lathrop," "A Woman's Will," "The Rejuvenation of Aunt Mary," "Seeing France with Uncle John," etc.

Illustrated from Drawings by ALICE BARBER STEPHENS

Boston Little, Brown, and Company ...

Simon the Jester

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By William J. Locke


I met Renniker the other day at the club. He is a man who knows everything from the method of trimming a puppy's tail for a dog show, without being disqualified, to the innermost workings of the mind of every European potentate. If I want information on any subject under heaven I ask Renniker.

"Can you tell me," said I, "the most God forsaken spot in England?"

Renniker, being in a flippant mood, mentioned a fashionable watering place on the South Coast. I pleaded the seriousness of my question.

"What I want,...

The Fotygraft Album Shown to the New Neighbor by Rebecca Sparks Peters Aged Eleven –by: Francis Marion Wing

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"The Fotygraft Album"

Shown to the New Neighbor by Rebecca Sparks Peters Aged Eleven


Drawings and Text by Frank Wing

Chicago The Reilly & Britton Co.

Copyright, 1915 by The Reilly & Britton Co.

First Edition Published May 7, 1915 Second Edition Published Aug. 23, 1915 Third Edition Published Nov. 10, 1915 Fourth Edition Published Dec. 15, 1915 Fifth Edition Published Jan. 5, 1916 Sixth Edition Published May 1, 1916 Seventh Edition Published Sept. 1, 1916

[Illustration: "TURN OVER"]

"Why, how d'do, Mrs. Miggs...

Hoosier Schoolmaster –by: Edward Eggleston

"Want to be a school-master, do you? You? Well, what would you do in Flat Crick deestrick, I'd like to know? Why, the boys have driv off the last two, and licked the one afore them like blazes. You might teach a summer school, when nothin' but children come. But I 'low it takes a right smart man to be school-master in Flat Crick in the winter. They'd pitch you out of doors, sonny, neck and heels, afore Christmas."

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A Story of Backwoods Life in Indiana


with an introduction and Notes on the District by the Author,


Happy Days –by: A. A. Milne

Although best known for his Winnie the Pooh stories, A.A. Milne spent years as an editor at the English humor magazine Punch. These sprightly essays were chosen from the hundreds he wrote during that period. As usual, they are funny, wry, and poke fun at almost all of our human foibles. There are 6 short one act plays that he wrote to demonstrate the 6 allowable plots for amateur playwrights and they are absolutely hilarious. The other topics run the gamut from dogs to dates.

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Transcriber's Notes

Some text styles have been preserved in this text by enclosing between...

Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog). Catalan

First Page:

TRES HOMES DINS UNA BARCA (Sense comptar hi el gos)

ACLARIMENT. Les anotacions al text referenciades així () corresponen a notes de l'autor o del traductor, i es troben al final de cada capítol. D'altra banda, les referenciades () són notes de la transcripció, i es troben totes al final del text.


Tres invàlids. Patiments de George i de Harris. Un que és víctima de cent set malalties fatals. 'Utils prescripcions mèdiques. Remei contra la malaltia del fetge, per a ús dels nois. Nosaltres tenim un gran cansament i una veritable necessitat...

Humorous Ghost Stories

Includes: An introduction by Dorothy Scarborough -- The Canterville ghost / by Oscar Wilde -- The ghost-extinguisher / by Gelett Burgess -- "Dey ain't no ghosts" / by Ellis Parker Butler -- The transferred ghost / by Frank R. Stockton -- The mummy's foot / Théophile Gautier -- The rival ghosts / Brander Matthews -- The water ghost of Harrowby Hall / by John Kendrick Bangs -- Back from that bourne / Anonymous -- The ghost-ship / by Richard Middleton -- The transplanted ghost / by Wallace Irwin -- The last ghost in Harmony / by Nelson LLoyd -- The ghost of Miser Brimpson / by Eden Phillpotts --...

The Jargon File, Version 4.2.2, 20 Aug 2000 –by: Various

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This is the Jargon File, a comprehensive compendium of hacker slang illuminating many aspects of hackish tradition, folklore, and humor. This document (the Jargon File) is in the public domain, to be freely used, shared, and modified. There are (by intention) no legal restraints on what you can do with it, but there are traditions about its proper use to which many hackers are quite strongly attached. Please extend the courtesy of proper citation when you quote the File, ideally with a version number, as it will change and grow ove...
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