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Notes of a War Correspondent –by: Richard Harding Davis

Experiences and observations of the journalist in the Cuban-Spanish War, the Greek-Turkish War, the Spanish-American War, the South African War, and the Japanese-Russian War, accompanied by "A War Correspondent’s Kit."

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CHARLES SCRIBNER'S SONS NEW YORK::::::::::::::::::::::::1911

COPYRIGHT, 1897, BY ...

Historie van mejuffrouw Sara Burgerhart

Sara Burgerhart is een jong meisje dat correspondeert met haar vriendinnen, aanbidders en familie. Die mensen schrijven elkaar ook allemaal. Het boek bestaat uit 175 brieven van 24 personages. Soms lichtvoetig, dan beschouwend. Sara streeft ernaar een goede burger te zijn, een eerlijk mens en een hartelijke vriendin. Ze zoekt haar eigen weg en probeert voor zichzelf denken. Dat is typisch voor de Verlichting, een tijdperk waarin niet langer de waarheden van kerk en overheid zonder meer voor waar aangenomen werden, maar de overtuiging post vatte dat je de waarheid zelf moet vinden met behulp va...

Boyhood –by: Leo Tolstoy

Boyhood is the second in Tolstoy's trilogy of three autobiographical novels, including Childhood and Youth, published in a literary journal during the 1850s. (Introduction by Bill Boerst)

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By Leo Tolstoy

Translated by C.J. HOGARTH


Again two carriages stood at the front door of the house at Petrovskoe. In one of them sat Mimi, the two girls, and their maid, with the bailiff, Jakoff, on the box, while in the other a britchka sat Woloda, myself, and our servant Vassili. Papa, who was to follow us to Moscow in a few days, was standing ba...

Mein Weg als Deutscher und Jude –by: Jakob Wassermann

Die Autobiographie "Mein Weg als Deutscher und Jude" skizziert die Lebens- und Sinnsuche des Schriftstellers Jakob Wassermanns. Die Schilderung ist gepr"agt von der Alltagserfahrung des mehr oder weniger latenten Antisemitismus seiner Zeit und dem Aufbegehren gegen Grenzen und Vorurteile.

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Mein Weg als Deutscher und Jude


Jakob Wassermann

..... vis animae conturbatur et divisa seorsum disiecta...

Around the World on a Bicycle, Vol. 2 –by: Thomas Stevens

Thomas Stevens was the first person to circle the globe by bicycle, a large-wheeled Ordinary. His journey started in April 1884 in San Francisco from where he cycled to Boston to take a steamer to England. Crossing England, France, Central Europe and Asia Minor before he was turned back at the borders of Afghanistan. He returned part of the way to take a ship to Karachi, from where he crossed India. Another steam ship brought him from Calcutta to Hong Kong, and from Shanghai he set over to Japan, finally ending his journey after actually cycling 13.500 miles in Yokohama, December 1886. This is...

Observations of an Orderly

Ward Muir brings us into the heart of an English war hospital, describing scenes of cleanliness, triumph, order and sadness. Through the eyes of the orderly we get to see the processes that kept the wards running, and relive some tales from within the hospital walls.

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Note: Images of the original pages are available through Internet Archive/Canadian Libraries. See


Some Glimpses of Life and Work in an English War Hospital



A Narrative of the Captivity and Restoration of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson

This is the story of Mary Rowlandson’s capture by American Indians in 1675. It is a blunt, frightening, and detailed work with several moments of off-color humor. Mary, the wife of a minister, was captured by Natives during King Philips War while living in a Lancaster town, most of which was decimated, and the people murdered. See through her eyes, which depict Indians as the instruments of Satan. Her accounts were a best-seller of the era, and a seminal work, being one of the first captivity narratives ever published by a woman. Without works such as hers, there would likely not be many mod...

Childhood (English trans.) –by: Leo Tolstoy

Childhood, published in 1852, is the first novel in Leo Tolstoy’s autobiographical trilogy, which also includes Boyhood, and Youth. Published when Tolstoy was twenty-three, the book gained immediate notice among Russian writers including Ivan Turgenev, and heralded the young Tolstoy as a major figure in Russian letters. Childhood is an expressionist exploration of the internal life of a young boy, Nikolenka, and was a new form in Russian writing, mixing fact, fiction and emotions to render the moods and reactions of the narrator. Childhood is T...

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