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Vittoria Accoramboni –by: Unknown

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Malheureusement pour moi comme pour le lecteur ceci n'est point un roman, mais la traduction fidŠle d'un r‚cit fort grave ‚crit … Padoue en d‚cembre 1585.

Je me trouvais … Mantoue il y a quelques ann‚es, je cherchais des ‚bauches et de petits tableaux en rapport avec ma petite fortune, mais je voulais les peintres ant‚rieurs … l'an 1600, vers cette ‚poque acheva de mourir l'originalit‚ italienne d‚j… mise en grand p‚ril par la prise de Florence en 1530.

Au lieu de tableaux, un vieux patricien ...

Three Hats A Farcical Comedy in Three Acts –by: Arthur Shirley

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A Farcical Comedy in Three Acts

Adapted by






Fitzgerald Publishing Corporation Successor To Dick & Fitzgerald 18 Vesey St. New York


SAM SELWYN, with a night adventure.

FRED BELLAMY, Selwyn's unwilling slave.

CAPT. KATSKILL, of the Kilkenny Irregulars.

BOSCO BLITHERS, Professor of Penmanship.

DIBBS, a boy in buttons.

MRS. SELWYN, Sam's Wife.

GRACE, Sam's Daughter.

LOTTIE BLITHERS, secretly married to Fred.

TILLY, a parlor maid.


Uusi Grottelaulu

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Viktor Rydberg

Suomentanut Severi Nyman

Ensimm"aisen kerran julkaissut Kustannusosakeyhti"o Otava 1896.


Oleskellessani Hildesheimiss"a Bernward piispan luona, joka viel"a 900 vuoden per"ast"a siell"a el"a"a t"oiss"a"an, tapahtui er"a"an"a iltana kun t"aysikuu loisti, ett"a kohtasin miehen, joka oli kaksi kertaa niin vanha kuin piispa ja viel"a vaelteli joukossamme. Se oli pienell"a kapealla Juutalaiskadulla, joka raastuvantorille p"ain k"ay ahtaammaksi ja lopulta niin ahtaaksi, ett"a taustalla oleva kuu n"aytti hopeaviivalta, joka...

Last Days in a Dutch Hotel (from Literature and Life)

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LITERATURE AND LIFE Last Days in a Dutch Hotel

by William Dean Howells



When we said that we were going to Scheveningen, in the middle of September, the portier of the hotel at The Hague was sure we should be very cold, perhaps because we had suffered so much in his house already; and he was right, for the wind blew with a Dutch tenacity of purpose for a whole week, so that the guests thinly peopling the vast hostelry seemed to rustle through its chilly halls and corridors like so many autumn leaves. We were but a ...

Peter Plymley s Letters, and selected essays –by: Sydney Smith

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Contents: Introduction Peter Plymley's Letters Historical Apology For The Irish Catholics Ireland and England Moore's Captain Rock


Sydney Smith, of the same age as Walter Scott, was born at Woodford, in Essex, in the year 1771, and he died of heart disease, aged seventy four, on the 22nd of February, 1845. His father was a clever man of wandering habits who, when he settled in England, reduced his means by buying, altering, spoiling, and then selling about nineteen di...

The Blonde Lady –by: Maurice Leblanc

In “The Blonde Lady, being a record of the duel of wits between Arsène Lupin and the English detective” – original title “Arsène Lupin contre Herlock Sholmes” – the gentleman-burglar once more meets his enemy, the English detective Herlock Sholmes. If in the last story of “Arsène Lupin, gentleman-burglar” Sherlock Holmes arrives too late (the name was at a later date changed to Herlock Sholmes in reply to complaints and threats by Conan Doyle regarding copyrights), in the two stories that compose “The Blonde Lady” these two great intellects are bound in opposite direc...

Aesthetic Poetry

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[213] THE "aesthetic" poetry is neither a mere reproduction of Greek or medieval poetry, nor only an idealisation of modern life and sentiment. The atmosphere on which its effect depends belongs to no simple form of poetry, no actual form of life. Greek poetry, medieval or modern poetry, projects, above the realities of its time, a world in which the forms of things are transfigured. Of that transfigured world this new poetry takes possession, and sublimates beyond it another still fainter and more spectral, which is liter...

Frank Mildmay Or, the Naval Officer

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Frank Mildmay, by Captain Marryat.

Captain Frederick Marryat was born July 10 1792, and died August 8 1848. He retired from the British navy in 1828 in order to devote himself to writing. In the following 20 years he wrote 26 books, many of which are among the very best of English literature, and some of which are still in print.

Marryat had an extraordinary gift for the invention of episodes in his stories. He says somewhere that when he sat down for the day's work, he never knew ...

The Mill on the Floss –by: George Eliot

The novel details the lives of Tom and Maggie Tulliver, a brother and sister growing up on the river Floss near the village of St. Oggs, evidently in the 1820’s, after the Napoleonic Wars but prior to the first Reform Bill (1832). The novel spans a period of 10-15 years, from Tom and Maggie’s childhood up until their deaths in a flood on the Floss. The book is fictional autobiography in part, reflecting the disgrace that George Eliot (Mary Ann Evans) herself had while in a lengthy relationship with a married man, George Henry Lewes.
Maggie Tulliver holds the central role in the boo...

The Motor Car Dumpy Book The Dumpy Books for Children #32

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The Dumpy Books for Children

CLOTH, ROYAL 32mo., =1/6= EACH.

=1. The Flamp.= =2. Mrs. Turner's Cautionary Stories.= =3. The Bad Family.= =4. The Story of Little Black Sambo.= =5. The Bountiful Lady.= =6. A Cat Book.= =7. A Flower Book.= =8. The Pink Knight.= =9. The Little Clown.= =10. A Horse Book.= =11. Little People: An Alphabet.= =12. A Dog Book.= =13. The Adventures of Samuel and Selina.= ...

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