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Story of the Session of the California Legislature of 1909 –by: Franklin Hichborn

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Story of the Session of the California Legislature of 1909

by Franklin Hichborn

The well being of the State requires that the opponents to the machine in Senate and Assembly, regardless of party label, organize the Legislature. But back of this is the even more important requirement that there be elected to the Legislature American citizens, with the responsibility of their citizenship upon them, rather than partisans, burdened, until their good purposes are made negative, by the responsibility of their partisanship.

San Francisco Press of The James H. Barry Co...

Prize Orations of the Intercollegiate Peace Association –by: Intercollegiate Peace Association

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Passages in italics are surrounded by underscores .

The word "amoeba" uses oe ligature in the original on page 94.

For consistency, a period has been added at the end of the word "Editor" in some footnotes where it was missing.

The following misprints have been corrected: "spendid" corrected to "splendid" (page 78) "stumblingblock" corrected to "stumbling block" (page 90) "can can" corrected to "can" (page 140)

Other than corrections listed above, printer's inconsistencies in spelling, punctuation, hyph...

New Forces in Old China An Inevitable Awakening –by: Arthur Judson Brown

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New Forces in Old China

An Inevitable Awakening


To my Friends in China


THE object of this book is to describe the operation upon and within old, conservative, exclusive China of the three great transforming forces of the modern world Western trade, Western politics and Western religion. These forces are producing stupendous changes in that hitherto sluggish mass of humanity. The full significance of these changes both to China ...


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貞觀政要 吳競撰


貞觀初,太宗謂侍臣曰:「為君之道,必須先存百姓。若損百姓以奉其身,猶割股 以啖腹,腹飽而身斃。若安天下,必須先正其身,未有身正而影曲,上治而下亂者。朕 每思傷其身者不在外物,皆由嗜欲以成其禍。若耽嗜滋味,玩悅聲色,所欲既多,所損 亦大,既妨政事,又擾生民。且復出一非理之言,萬姓為之解體,怨讟既作,離叛亦興 。朕每思此,不敢縱逸。」諫議大夫魏徵對曰:...

History of John Bull –by: John Arbuthnot

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By John Arbuthnot, M.D.


This is the book which fixed the name and character of John Bull on the English people. Though in one part of the story he is thin and long nosed, as a result of trouble, generally he is suggested to us as "ruddy and plump, with a pair of cheeks like a trumpeter," an honest tradesman, simple and straightforward, easily cheated; but when he takes his affairs into his own hands, acting with good plain sense, knowing very well what he wants done, and doing it.

The book was ...

The Writings of Samuel Adams – Volume 2 –by: Samuel Adams

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This text was prepared by Bill Stoddard , and Regina Azucena .








1770 1773



Article Signed "Vindex," January 8th . . . Power of Governer over sessions of General Assembly.

Article Signed "Determinatus," January 8th . . . Non importation agreement.

To the Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts, March 19th . . . Memorial of town of Boston Apointment of special justices.


What is Property An Inquiry into the Principle of Right and of Government

What Is Property?: or, An Inquiry into the Principle of Right and of Government (French: Qu'est-ce que la propriété ? ou Recherche sur le principe du Droit et du Gouvernment) is an influential work of nonfiction on the concept of property and its relation to anarchist philosophy by the French anarchist and mutualist Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, first published in 1840. In the book, Proudhon most famously declared that “property is theft”. Proudhon believed that the common conception of property conflated two distinct components which, once identified, demonstrated the difference between prop...

The Spirit of Youth and the City Streets –by: Jane Addams

Much of the material in the following pages has appeared in current publications. It is here presented in book form in the hope that it may prove of value to those groups of people who in many cities are making a gallant effort to minimize the dangers which surround young people and to provide them with opportunities for recreation.

(Introduction by Jane Addams)

Jane Addams (1860 – 1935) was the first American woman to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. In a long, complex career, she was a pioneer settlement worker and founder of Hull House in Chicago, a public philosopher, a sociologis...

The Greek View of Life

“With the Greek civilisation beauty perished from the world. Never again has it been possible for man to believe that harmony is in fact the truth of all existence.”

This elegantly-written work provides a splendid introduction to the Greeks of the classic period: how they thought, wrote, and organised their lives and loves. Although it dates from the 1890s, there is very little about it that has dated. To its author’s credit, the subject of “Greek love” is dealt with in a sane and factual context - despite the judicial assassination of Oscar Wilde going on in the ba...
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