Camper –by: E. Pauline Johnson

Book name:Camper –by: E. Pauline Johnson
Book license:public domain
Author:E. Pauline Johnson
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It is eminently fitting that this daughter of Nature should have been laid to rest in no urban cemetery. According to her own request she was buried in Stanley Park, Vancouver's beautiful heritage of the forest primeval. A simple stone surrounded by rustic palings marks her grave and on this stone is carved the one word "Pauline." There she lies among ferns and wild flowers a short distance from Siwash Rock, the story of which she has recorded in the legends of her race. In time to come a pathway to her grave will be worn by lovers of Canadian poetry who will regard it as one of the most romantic of our literary shrines. (from the Biographical Sketch in Flint and Feather: Collected Verse by E. Pauline Johnson)

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