Miniature –by: George Pope Morris

Book name:Miniature –by: George Pope Morris
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Author:George Pope Morris
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George Pope Morris was an American editor, poet, and songwriter. In addition to his publishing and editorial work, Morris was popular as a poet and songwriter; especially well-known was his poem-turned-song "Woodman, Spare that Tree!" Lines from the poem are often quoted by environmentalists.

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by George P. Morris


Memoir The Deserted Bride The Main Truck; Or, A Leap For Life Poetry The Croton Ode Fragment of an Indian Poem Land Ho! Woodman, Spare that Tree The Cottager's Welcome Land of Washington The Flag of Our Union Lines After the Manner of Olden Time The Dream of Love I'm With You Once Again Oh, Would That She Were Here The Sword and the Staff The Chieftain's Daughter Thy Will Be Done Life in the West Song of Marion's Men Janet Morea Lisette My Mother's Bible The Dog Star Rages Legend of the Mohawk The Ball Room Belle We Were Boys Together Oh, Boatman, Haste Funeral Hymn O'er the Mountains Woman Rosabel Thy Tyrant Sway A Hero of the Revolution Rhyme and Reason: An Apologue Starlight Recollections Wearies My Love of My Letters? Fare Thee Well, Love Thou Hast Woven the Spell Bessie Bell The Day is Now Dawning, Love When Other Friends are Round Thee Silent Grief Love Thee, Dearest? I Love the Night The Miniature The Retort Lines on a Poet The Bacchanal Twenty Years Ago National Anthem I Love Thee Still Look From Thy Lattice, Love She Loved Him The Suitors St...

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